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Management Board

The Management Board is the body that governs the school and represents the Cooperative Society. It is made up of parents and meets periodically to deal with all matters related to the operation of the school, as set down in the Governing Statutes.

Management Team

This is made up of the Director and the Administrative Director. The Management Team, working in accordance with the Management Board, set and implement policies, managing both the centre and its personnel.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff is made up of 30 teachers, qualified in accordance with the present legal requirements, who, as teachers, tutors or coordinators of each area try to bring the highest professional standards to bear in all aspects of the work of the college.

Language Departments

English Department: 14 teachers

Basque Department: 8 teachers

Spanish Department: 6 teachers

Special Education classroom: 2 teachers

In addition to the teachers that make up the teaching staff, many professionals work directly with the pupils in music, sports and language reinforcement activities.

Psycho-pedagogical Team

A psychologist, two psycho-pedagogues and a speech therapist form the Centre’s Psycho-pedagogical Team. Among the tasks they carry out, the following are of particular importance:

  • Direct attention to the pupils
  • Diagnosis and therapy
  • Training and consultancy for the teachers
  • Assistance and consultancy for the families
  • Conferences directed at the parents and teachers

Support Classroom

In the school we have a Support Classroom for Primary and Secondary Education where the centre’s special education teachers work with all pupils who have particular educational needs. Their main functions include:

  • Creation of individual development programmes necessary to correctly assist the pupil, as well as following up these programmes.
  • Creation of the specific programmes for individualised or small group attention.
  • Guidance of the pupil’s teachers to enable treatment of the specific educational needs.
  • Creation of the specialised teaching material.
  • Collaboration with the tutor when advising the pupils’ parents.
  • Basic speech therapy treatment.
  • Development of stimulation, attention and memory, programmes.
  • Treatment of specific problems (dyslexia, psychometric problems, etc.).
  • Development of specific programmes in essential areas (language and mathematics).