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Educational Stages

Infant Education (1st Cycle – up to 3 yrs // 2nd Cycle – 3 – 6yrs)

Our main objective is to promote the intellectual and physical development of boys and girls, respecting the personal rhythm of each child, meeting their needs and providing them with the opportunity to enjoy their own experiences in the company of other children.
We have a team of highly qualified professionals responsible for managing and providing infant education. In addition, we have designated areas and suitable materials to attend to their needs, appropriate activities designed to awaken the imagination and promote the development of personal independence and a model of behaviour which involves both the parents and all personnel of the centre. This is all carried in a system of immersion in the English language which enables the children to communicate in English in a natural way, from an early age.

  English Spanish Basque
1 year 30 0 0
2 years 30 0 0
3 years 25 0 5
4 years 22 3 5
5 years 22 3 5

Primary Education (6 – 12 yrs)

It is at this age that children start to develop their abilities to communicate more effectively, think logically and become aware of the social and cultural environment around them and begin to interact independently with it. In short, they establish the basis for the greater part of their learning.
The purpose of this stage is to provide a firm basis of knowledge and good study habits to lay the basis of learning for the rest of their lives.

  English Spanish Basque
Grade 1 17 5 8
Grade 2 17 5 8
Grade 3 17 5 8
Grade 4 12 10 8
Grade  10 10 10
Grade  10 10 10

Secondary Education (12-16yrs)

Secondary Education is for pupils from twelve to sixteen years of age. The main areas of the didactic model include personal attention, meaningful learning, formative evaluation and guidance. There are also a number of programmes specially designed for pupils of this age group.

  English Spanish Basque
ESO 1  12 9 9
ESO 2 12 10 8
ESO 3  10 10 10
ESO 4  8 12 10
  • Optional workshops
    The pupils have the opportunity of choosing between different workshops according to their interests, including: international English, Mathematics for daily life, Dramatisation, ICT..
  • Information and Communication Technologies
    Integrated into the curriculum.
  • Research work
    This is based on learning through discovery and promotes independence, creativity, cooperation and interdisciplinary work.
  • Sex Education Programme
    Integrated into the curriculum.
  • Psycho-pedagogic Guidance Programme
    This is seen as an essential element to promote the quality and improvement of the teaching, focusing on the academic, professional and personal guidance of the pupil.
  • Viajes y actividades complementarias.
ESO 1 Y ESO 2 Bilbao y Vitoria Conocer las capitales vascas, su entorno urbano, histórico y cultural.
ESO 3 Madrid Vivir el Madrid de los Austrias, así como lo aprendido en Historia.
ESO 4 Faversham (Inglaterra) Estancia en familias y asistencia a un colegio participando y viviendo la cultura inglesa como culminación de su estancia en el colegio.

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