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The English School is a trilingual English-Basque-Spanish centre guaranteeing its pupils a good command of both Spanish and English, as well as an intermediate knowledge of Basque which enables them to communicate both written and spoken forms.


English teaching

Our aim is for the pupils to achieve a good command of both written and spoken English. We promote the use of English in teaching, extracurricular and complementary activities, as well as in day-to-day communication within the centre.

The English Department also runs an adaptation and language reinforcement programme for pupils who enter the centre without the necessary level.

Starting in the last two years of Primary Education we help students work towards the appropriate Cambridge (ESOL) international English exams. In Secondary school this process intensifies and we actively prepare students for the Preliminary English Test (B1), Cambridge First Certificate (B2), Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2) exams.


CAE ESO 3 –  ESO 4

Basque teaching

We believe that learning Basque is both a fundamental right and necessary in our society. For this reason from the moment they enter the centre, we strive to make their progression in this language both satisfying and enriching. We make sure that the pupils acquire sufficient knowledge to enable them to establish both spoken and written communication in Basque.

Basque is the language of instruction used for several subjects including Physical Education, Technology and Art. Basque is also present in extracurricular and complementary activities.

Teaching of Spanish

At the age of 4 or 5, the children begin the interesting task of learning to read and write in Spanish, using a constructivist methodology. We work from the basis that children already know a lot about reading when they start school. From there we help the child to gradually begin playing with words and comparing them until they are able to understand them and begin introducing the rules that govern reading and writing.

The main objective of the constructivist system is to adapt the teaching of reading and writing to the psychological development of children who are growing up in an environment surrounded by written language.

We consider that this focus motivates and stimulates the pupils when entering into the world of written language.

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