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Principles and values

The English School prides itself on being an independent school based on non-doctrinaire ethical principles and not subject to political or religious interests. This position of independence guarantees that it can fulfil its primary function of educating students in a free and open environment, developing their critical thinking and self-knowledge.


The English School ensures that each pupil receives individual attention in terms of learning activities and follow-up, with personal guidance appropriate to their needs.


The English School has a curriculum adapted to the diversity of the abilities, interests and motivations of the pupils.


The English School actively seeks to challenge stereotypes based on gender, creed, race, sexual orientation and ability.  The school aims to create a fair society where all can work towards fulfilling their potential.


The English School promotes a feeling of belonging based on mutual understanding and respect for the values of others.


The English School provides a comprehensive, integrated, non-selective and non-competitive learning environment that enables the personal development of the pupil according to their own characteristics, focusing on diversity rather than inequality.


The English School organises educational, cultural and leisure activities of a voluntary nature that offer new opportunities for learning outside of the school.


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