We are an official music school

We understand that a musical education helps the pupil to develop a taste and sensitivity for music and enhances the harmonious development of the personality.

The music school offers the possibility for children to make contact with the world of music through games and sound experiences so that they can later develop as performers and enjoy the instrument of their choice.

Level 1 (3 to 7 years old)

At this early age, pupils come into contact with music by relating it naturally to the world around them. The main objective is to provide a musical experience that allows pupils to develop and discover their musical skills through vocal, rhythmic and auditory work through stories, songs, auditions, games, body movement activities, instrument practice and writing codes appropriate to their age.

Level 2 (From 8 years old)

The student develops instrumental learning, which becomes the main focus of musical learning. Musical language will be the theoretical basis for them to learn to read and write music. Group music practice is also encouraged in the instrumental group and choral group subjects. At the end of the courses, the student obtains the level II diploma, which gives them knowledge at the Elementary Conservatory level.

Level 3

Those who have completed their Level II studies wish to continue their musical learning, evolving as performers and enjoying the knowledge they have acquired.