We are committed to our students’ immersion in English, which allows children to learn to communicate naturally.
At this stage, the main changes occur in pupils, changes of a physical, intellectual, emotional and affective nature, so it is necessary to maintain an educational model that takes these aspects into account and makes personalised teaching possible, teaching that caters for the different interests and motivations of pupils, where personal attention, meaningful learning, formative assessment and guidance are the cornerstones of the teaching model.

The timetable dedicated to the different languages, the reinforcement programmes and the school’s external certification guarantee the development of our pupils’ plurilingual competence.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are naturally integrated into the curriculum, promoting learning through discovery, autonomy and creativity. Research projects encourage cooperative and interdisciplinary work.

In addition, we include a Sex Education Programme to address sexuality, fostering responsible attitudes comprehensively.

The Psychopedagogical Guidance Programme is essential, providing our students academic, professional and personal guidance.

Complementary activities, such as trips, enrich the curriculum, providing practical experiences and promoting teamwork, tolerance and intercultural understanding. These initiatives create a holistic educational approach, cultivating skills and values to prepare students for life.