We are committed to our students’ immersion in English, which allows children to learn to communicate naturally.

We adapt to the child’s progress, allowing them to live their experiences with other children. For this, we have a team of professionals qualitatively prepared to carry out the educational work in early childhood, appropriate material to meet their needs and activities to structure their personality, stimulate their imagination, and promote the development of personal autonomy.

We accompany the child in their physical and intellectual development, respecting the needs and rhythms of growth and ensuring physical and emotional security.

We know how important it is for children to separate from their families to integrate into an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, we create a climate of serenity and affection so that the children feel secure and adapt daily through an adaptation plan studied and agreed upon by the educators, the psycho-pedagogical team of the school and the parents.

Through psychomotor practice, we help the child build a secure basis for developing personal resources and a well-founded identity. Relational psychomotor skills help the child acquire stable security and confidence to go further in sensory-motor possibilities and symbolic construction.

Although the main language is English, in the 3-year-old class we introduce Basque, and in the 4 and 5-year-old classes, we also teach them the exciting process of learning to read and write in Spanish.