Attention to diversity

Education in the 21st century faces several modern challenges, among which attention to diversity stands out. By diversity, we mean variety, dissimilarity and even difference. Diversity enriches us as people and illustrates our school landscape.

The education we seek at The English School must have many different perspectives to look at the student in their individuality. We are in the age of the individual as a unique and unrepeatable human being. As teachers in the 21st century, we are concerned about paying attention to each of our students; in this context, attention to diversity takes on its whole meaning. Diversity is seen as a richness, a melting pot of intelligence, and a reflection of a heterogeneous world where everyone must find their place and be recognised for personal value. The time for homogenisation is over. 

The English School tries to accommodate and respond to differences, making them an outstanding value and trying to attend to each one according to their specific needs with the aim of forming people of integrity, free thinkers and courageous people, but above all, people who have developed their abilities and skills to the maximum. As recommended by Heziberri 2020, we must cater to the diversity of cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender to become an inclusive and modern school in the broadest sense.

To meet the needs of all educational community members, we present three lines of intervention:
Individualised Attention Programme.
Curricular enrichment programme and attention to AACC.

Academic flexibility programme for international students.