Mission statement

We are an English school based on ethical principles, non-doctrinaire and independent, that is, not subordinated to political or religious interests, which considers the mastery of the English language as an integral element of the teaching, maximising the use of this language and the study of the Basque language and culture to allow the pupil to integrate into their socio-cultural environment fully.

The English School Project aims to develop critical autonomy, self-knowledge, and inner freedom in its pupils, training them integrally. The goal is to ensure that they acquire the necessary academic knowledge while developing physically, mentally, and morally in an age-appropriate way. This way, they will become balanced, free and responsible people, educated for coexistence, peace and cooperation, driven by civic habits.

KIVA is an anti-bullying programme developed by the Finnish Ministry of Education.
IKASGILTZA is an association made up of lay education cooperatives in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.