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The first English school in San Sebastian, founded in 1967.

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Our educational offer

We offer a multi-lingual education for students aged 0 to 16 with English as the driver of our educational project.

We accompany the child in their integral growth, favouring their learning and socialisation.

About us

Our educational

Our educational project covers Preschool to compulsory secondary education. Our commitment is focused on providing an enriching and stimulating educational environment for each stage of the student’s development.


Primary education

Secondary education




Primary education

Secondary education



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for life

With English at the core of our project, we aim to create respectful, independent, and curious learners who are well-prepared to contribute positively to our society.

Everyone is valued for who they are, and we work to empower pupils to feel safe and secure and have a deep sense of belonging to their community.

English at the heart of it.

We offer natural language learning through the teaching of subjects entirely in English. We are a Cambridge ESOL examination centre.

Personalized learning

We work so that each student can make their way, whatever their pace and direction, helping them build good self-esteem by recognising their effort and progress.

Emotional well-being

We educate from the bond, meeting the affective needs and facilitating safe relationships.

We believe in working towards prevention and early detection.

We are a Kiva centre, an anti-bullying programme.

(programa KiVa)


Physical activity in young people generally favours their cognitive development and, therefore, helps their performance at school. At TES, we integrate weekly swimming lessons into the school timetable.

We cook at school

Physical activity goes hand in hand with healthy eating, which is why we cook in our kitchen. Askora manages the service, and we participate in the innovative Mahi-Mahi project.

About us


As our children embark on their educational journey, we emphasise the importance of English language immersion in their early years. This foundation sets them up for success as they progress and reach higher levels, we work so that our students develop strong communication skills in all three languages. By doing so, we equip them with a unique and valuable multilingual competence that will serve them well in our increasingly global society.